Delivering transformative content, inspired by God’s love.

Delivering transformative
content, inspired by
God’s love.


TV audiences are moving away from cable, broadcast, and satellite in favor of popular Connected Television platforms (CTV), including Roku, Fire TV, Xbox, Apple TV, Google Play, and others. Additionally, most people prefer to watch lean-back content on a large-screen TV, rather than a small-screen mobile device.

GLU is a new CTV network designed to unlock the inspirational value of faith-centric programming: Leaning into niche content (through partnerships with Christian Content Creators) and catering to the seismic shift in viewing behavior (by distributing video through new, hyper-scalable platform technologies).


Our native CTV applications integrate with CTV devices from dozens of different manufacturers, ensuring your new CTV channel is accessible worldwide, including more than 80% of US households.

Because, for example, a BRAVIA Smart TV from Sony runs on very different technology than an Xbox game console from Microsoft, we must build multiple CTV apps for your single channel; i.e., a separate, independent app for every Connected Television technology platform we support.

The Roku Ultra is a streaming media player from Roku’s brand of CTV devices, which also includes various Streaming Sticks and Streambars, as well as the Express and the Premier.

Roku singularly launched the CTV market back in 2008 (in partnership with Netflix), and with more than 55 million Monthly Active Users (MAU), Roku remains the market leader.

The Fire TV Cube is a streaming media player from Amazon’s brand of CTV devices, which also includes Fire TV Sticks and Amazon-branded Smart TVs.

With more than 50 million MAU, Amazon’s CTV product line is gaining ground on Roku’s market leadership.

Apple TV is a streaming media player from Apple, and should not be confused with their SVOD streaming television service, named Apple TV+.

Apple doesn’t publicly release their CTV MAU, but analysts estimate there are approximately 50 million Apple TV devices worldwide.

The Xbox One X is a streaming media player from Microsoft’s brand of CTV game consoles, which also includes the newly released Xbox Series X and Series S. There is a large, precisely undetermined number of legacy Xbox consoles still in use today.

With more than 100 million MAU, Xbox is one of the most proliferated CTV devices on the market. However, despite equal functionality, it still lags behind Roku (and other major CTV platforms) in its use by consumers as a traditional Connected Television device, as its primary purpose is that of a game console.

The Shield TV Pro is a streaming media player from NVIDIA’s brand of CTV devices, which also includes their standard Shield TV.

Shield TV was first sold in May of 2015, and represents a smaller but highly active viewership amongst CTV audiences.

The BRAVIA Smart TV is a streaming media player from Sony’s brand of Smart TV’s, which includes nineteen (19) different models, most of which are offered in several sizes.

Priced at the top of the market, Sony’s Smart TV line serves many of the most influential tastemakers in the nation, and thus an important audience to reach.


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